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Areas of Activity

About Center:


Raseiniai Disability Employment and Services Center is a public institution that started its activities in 2020 January 1, after the reorganization of two institutions by merging: Public Institution Raseiniai Day Center “Vilties Takas” and Public Institution Raseiniai Day Care Center for the Disabled. Institution code - 172770637.    

In its activities, the Center follows the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Public Institutions, the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, laws of the Republic of Lithuania, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, regulations of the Center, decisions of Raseiniai District Municipal Council.


Priorities of activities:


  • Diversity of social services.
  • Quality and availability of services.

Vision -  Raseiniai District Disability Employment and Services Center - a modern institution providing high-quality social services for the disabled.

Mission -  to provide general and special social services to the disabled in the district, helping them to live an independent, dignified and full life.

The aim of the activity: to ensure the quality, accessibility and development of general and special social services provided by the Public Institution Raseiniai Disability Employment and Services Center.

Clients of Center - disabled residents of Raseiniai district.

Center provides the following functions:


  • provides information, counseling, occupational therapy, employment, leisure, health, personal hygiene (showering, laundry, drying, ironing), physiotherapy, transport, education and social services according to the needs of visitors and the possibilities of the Center;
  • helps to solve the problems of socialization and integration of the disabled into society;
  • develops and implements social integration programs for the disabled;
  • analyzes the needs of visitors;
  • inform the sociaty about the Centre's activities.

Areas of Activity:

  • adult's and other nec educational activities (85.59);
  • other human health activities (86.90);
  • social work activities without accommodation (88);
  • other nec amusement and recreation activities (93.29);
  • artistic and literary creation and interpretation (90.0);
  • other sports activities (93.19);
  • other recreational activities (93.29);
  • laundry activities (96.01);
  • physical well-being activities (96.04);
  • inpatient care activities for the elderly and disabled (87.30);
  • other activities not prohibited by laws and other legal acts.