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Public Institution Raseiniai Disability Employment and Services Center started its activities in 2020 January 1, after the reorganization by merging of two institutions: Public Institution Raseiniai Day Center “Vilties Takas” and Public Institution Raseiniai Day Care Center for the Disabled. The aim of the Center is to ensure the quality, accessibility and development of general and special social services provided. Residents of Raseiniai district (with disabilities) are provided with information, counseling, employment, leisure organization, personal hygiene, physiotherapy, social care (short-term, long-term), education, education and other social services according to the needs of visitors and the possibilities of the center.


The center carries out the following activities:

• Physical activity promotion classes (morning exercise, periodically organized

sports activities, sports festivals, tournaments);

• Individualized educational social activities (knowledge of time, money, environment, etc.)

• Daily life skills training sessions (cooking, personal hygiene,

self-regulation, environmental care, etc.);

• Art, ceramics, music, theater classes;

• Cultural activities (theaters, exhibitions, excursions), organization of various celebrations.